Uponor AquaPort™

Learn how to use the Uponor AquaPort™

This self-contained unit converts a building's hydronic heating supply to provide on-demand domestic hot water. Learn how to maximize the Uponor AquaPortâ„¢ for energy efficiency in modern, high-performing buildings. The short videos below will help you through each process, and the AquaPort Manual has step-by-step written instructions.

Uponor Aquaport


The Uponor AquaPort was designed with efficiencies built into every aspect, including unboxing. When you unbox your Uponor AquaPort, you'll notice the bubble wrap sleeve fits the cover perfectly, protecting it from job-site wear and tear while you work.

Uponor Aquaport


Walk through the Uponor AquaPort installation process. Learn when you should install the valves for the air test and how to insert the wall cabinet and AquaPort panel. Discover some important tips that make the installation easier and more efficient.

Uponor Aquaport


Find out how to make adjustments on the AquaPort to maximize performance and optimize the user experience. Easily adjust the water temperature and hot-water delivery times to improve efficiencies throughout the system.

Uponor Aquaport

Annual Maintenance

Understand how to efficiently perform routine maintenance on the Uponor AquaPort. Use the information on the front panel to keep track of details and easily access the service manual.

Uponor Aquaport

Replacing the Unit

If the need should arise, removing and replacing the Uponor AquaPort is simple. Get detailed instructions on draining, disconnecting, and replacing the AquaPort.