Construction Services Webinar Series
A partnership that helps move your projects forward

Create efficiencies in your builds with expert advice, impressive tools, and reliable products. By partnering with Uponor, you gain access to the Complete Polymer Solution, combining PEX-a, PP-RCT, and the Construction Services team, that can save you time and energy in your projects. In this series of virtual events, you'll learn how the Uponor Construction Services team is available every step of the way, how the Uponor plumbing design process makes your work easier, and how the tools available are evolving to fit your needs.

Introducing Uponor
Construction Services

Andrew Koppi, Senior Manager for Construction Services, Uponor
Tyler Watson, CPD, Construction Services Supervisor, Uponor
Get introduced to the team of experts that are dedicated to making your projects successful. Working with Uponor provides more than products and pipes, the Uponor Construction Services team offers you resources and assistance through each stage of the construction cycle. Learn how Uponor addresses industry needs, offers a robust menu of service options, and helps your team's productivity.

In-unit Piping Methods and How
They Impact Plumbing Systems

Stephanie Radel, CPD, GPD, Senior Manager for Construction Services, Uponor
Nick Morrison, CPD, Construction Services Supervisor, Uponor
Building with different pipe-routing strategies can impact your projects in many ways. Learn how in-unit pipe-routing methods can affect time to hot water, pressure requirements, installation times, and more. Our recommendations can lower your costs, require less pipe, and include fewer fittings for a safer, more reliable system. Uponor provides resources, such as the Pipe Sizing Calculator, that make it easier to get the right materials for your unique projects.

Using Trimble® AutoBid®
Mechanical with Uponor

Sean Whitney, Estimator, Uponor
Matthew Novak, Project Team Lead, Uponor
Accessing and implementing databases from manufacturers speeds up your project planning process. The Uponor database in Trimble® AutoBid® Mechanical lets you improve accuracy and creates efficiency for builds using PEX and PP-RCT. Get a step-by-step guide to access these materials and listen to a recorded Q&A session with experts.