Greater longevity and performance for K-12 schools
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to move projects forward

As a pioneer in intelligent plumbing and climate solutions, Uponor has proudly led the industry forward for a century, while enriching the lives of millions. Our trusted products and project-spanning partnerships build strong businesses while moving water where it needs to go, effortlessly and flawlessly.

Polymer piping solutions, like Uponor PEX-a and PP-RCT, provide long-lasting, freeze-resistant, flexible solutions for plumbing projects of all sizes. From designing efficient systems for new builds to repiping old, failing plumbing, Uponor offers products that are manufactured to last a lifetime.

Healthy and safe schools,
inside and out
Whether making improvements to aging infrastructure or facilitating new construction, Uponor provides a complete polymer solution that improves the efficiency and performance of schools' piping systems. From classrooms to bathrooms, and even the football field, Uponor has solutions to build healthy and safe schools, inside and out.
Complete polymer solutions,
one trusted source

Uponor PEX and PP-RCT offer durable, reliable systems combined with the expertise of Uponor Construction Services to make K-12 school projects more efficient and cost-effective while providing a quality solution that is designed to last the life of the structure.

Backed by a 25-year transferable limited warranty on PEX in sizes up to 3" and a 10-year warranty on PP-RCT in sizes up to 12", Uponor piping systems meet the needs of education projects from concept to completion.

Ideal for new construction,
renovation, and repipes

Whether designing new or renovating old, Uponor is the best solution for school projects. The flexible, lightweight material provides faster, easier, safer installations, and the high durability ensures consistent, long-term performance.

Bring Uponor Construction Services into the project early on to add greater efficiencies from beginning to end. From paper documentation to state-of-the-art virtual design, leverage our laser scanning technology to redesign aging piping systems and mechanical rooms or incorporate best design practices into new construction.

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Why Uponor is the best
choice for school projects
  • Uponor Construction Services increases project efficiencies and system performance
  • Flexible pipe ideal in repipe and renovation applications
  • Lighter product weights and no open flame or chemicals for greater job-site safety
  • Long coils of pipe for fewer joints underground or behind walls
  • Less maintenance, greater longevity, better system performance
  • No dry fits for improved system reliability
Learn why PEX is a safer, healthier choice for plumbing systems
Improve the efficiency and performance of a school's essential systems

Domestic water

Ensure efficient, reliable water delivery with the strongest performance for risers, mains, and distribution plumbing piping

Hydronic distribution

Improve heating hot-water and chilled-water distribution piping systems with durable PEX and PP-RCT

Mechanical-room piping

Maximize the corrosion-resistant, long-lasting benefits of PEX and PP-RCT for new and retrofit mechanical-room piping applications

Radiant heating and cooling

Supply the most comfortable, energy-efficient method for conditioning a space that also improves indoor environmental quality

Snow and ice melt

Protect students and staff from slips and falls and reduce maintenance labor and costs

Turf conditioning

Provide durable, reliable underground piping for safer, higher-performing athletic fields all year long
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